Scientific Professional Consultancy programs,
with tree sequential advisory levels 1.Information> 2.Integration> 3.Implication),
for Team Players engaging and Company’s Business establishment,
through one or more of the following personal and professional development areas:

LEGACY Management Marketing
COMMUNITY Networking
SYMBIOSIS Mediation Negotiation
GROWING Mentoring Coaching
SYSTEM Constellations
BALANCE Breathing Hydration Nutrition Exercise Energizing Meditation

Certified Professional Training programs,
with tree sequential academy levels (1.Player> 2.Professional> 3.Professor),
for professional Students and companies’ Staff enabling,
through soft and smart Skills in one or more of the QAdvisory areas.
QAdvisory appendage services:
people’s Profiling and Performing product and project’s Planning and Proceeding,
both EVALUATIONS for company’s effectiveness.
QAdvisory satellite services:
business partnerships for corporate CERTIFICATION.
reliQuiae: People as a Legacy.
Qall us.
Sofia Costa
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(+351) 21 1165153 (2F-6F, 9H-19H)
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